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A Retrospect

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Crest Roofing Logo

Company founder Sam Struthers’s vision for the company came from humble beginnings and his extensive twenty-plus years of experience as a highly reputable insurance adjuster. During this time, he garnered a deep knowledge of all aspects of the roofing and restoration lifecycle. Struthers found the complex details of the roofing and restoration side of the business ignited a passion when he took a side job to help a customer with a roof that he replaced one shingle at a time! Founded in 2015, that vision became a family-owned business that employed hundreds of people throughout the United States and prided itself on quality, guarantees, and integrity before profit. 


Crest Exteriors offers a wide variety of remodeling services, including:

Residential Roofing Services
Commercial Roofing Services
Storm Damage Restoration
Gutters and Gutter Guards
Window Replacements Siding
Repairs and Replacements

Integrity Before Profit


Integrity – Crest Exteriors’ ethical approach to all facets of the business was paramount to their success in striving to build trust before building anything else. Positivity – Roofs and exteriors can be extremely stressful and overwhelming for customers and therefore positivity, especially in the face of disaster and other circumstances, was critical in helping residential and commercial customers get back to normal as soon as possible. Teamwork – The Crest Exteriors team felt they were as strong as their strongest link and that was true of all their staff and contractors. The company hired, trained, and worked with a strong sense of teamwork and operational efficiency as it takes a unified team with common goals to provide customers with the best service and end results. Helpful – The company prided itself on its collective desire to be of help to others.

Crest Hustle

The #CrestHustle hashtag was born out of the company’s reputation for its customer-first mindset and hard-working spirit. This moniker continues to be a driving force after the company merged with Apple Roofing in 2021.

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