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Austin’s ever-changing weather applies constant pressure on your roof. Drastically varying temperatures throughout the year cause your shingles to expand and contract, leading to unseen damage to the hidden but fundamental structure of your roof. It could go unnoticed, but even the tiniest leak can create a structural issue.

The humid, scorching Austin summers reach temperatures of over 100 degrees. High temperatures have been shown to degrade shingles, flashing and underlying roof areas. In the winter months, freezing winters hailstorms weaken roofing systems of all types Texas thunderstorms are common throughout the year. Strong Austin winds from unpredictable storms blow trees and debris into homes, causing major damage and destruction. Frequent roof inspections will help identify damage to your roof, saving you from lengthy and expensive future roof repairs or replacements. Your roof defends your home, belongings and family – our highly-trained roofers in Austin will help keep your roof in tip-top condition. 

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Protect Your Home in Austin With a Roof That Lasts

At Apple Roofing, we instill trust early on with our customers so they can rest easy knowing we’ll take care of all their roof repair and replacement needs, from beginning to end. Apple is the roofing company you can trust to bring hassle-free roof repair and replacement services to homes of every type in the greater Austin area. We bring our customer-focused commitment to every single project we do. Homeowners and business throughout Austin have come to rely on Apple Roofing.

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Our Services

Residential Roofing

Our experienced team will assist you in the selection of the best roof to accommodate your budget and residential home type.

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Commercial Roofing

Our team can be trusted to work with property managers to complete projects quietly and efficiently for all commercial needs.

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Multi-Family Roofing

Owning a multi-family home can come with a wide array of issues – our team will help make roofing stress-free for your entire community.

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Siding Replacement

We provide quality workmanship when replacing siding on single family homes, apartments, and condos.

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Gutter Replacement

Damaged or improperly installed gutters can wreak havoc on a roof – our team of qualified associates offer quality solutions for all of your gutter needs.

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Window Replacement

Our qualified specialists assist in the selection and installation of windows for your home.

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Emergency Tarping

Apple Roofing has you covered with our emergency tarping service to protect your home and valuables!


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Water Mitigation

Our specialists save you from costly water damage thanks to proper water mitigation strategies.


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Free Inspection

Our 8-point roof inspections are a comprehensive assessment of your roof’s health, covering key areas such as shingles, flashing, ventilation, and more to ensure the reliability of your roof.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes it can be difficult for homeowners to determine whether or not your roof actually needs to be repaired or replaced. Our trained team of roofing contractors in Austin will conduct a comprehensive roof inspection for signs of damage such as shingle curling, algae growth, damaged ashing, missing shingles or granules, shingle buckling, or rotting.

Roofing systems in Austin are historically replaced at a higher frequency than roofs in other parts of the country. Years of hot summers in Austin cause shingles to expand in contrast with the cooler temperatures at night, which makes shingles retract. The frequent hailstorms that impact the Austin area can cause significant damage to virtually every type of roofing system.

September – November are historically the best months to repair or replace roofs in Austin. For most roofing systems, the temperature must be above 40 degrees to replace or repair a roof

In Austin, the most common type of roofing material is asphalt – due to its versatility and affordability. Other common roofing options include slate and metal roof, which are also excellent options that fare well against the damage severe weather. Bottom line: choose the roofing material that best fits your style and budget.

Duration of roof replacement varies depending on the roofing material. The most common roof type is asphalt shingles, which are typically the fastest to install, taking only 1-2 days to complete. Metal roofs can take anywhere from 3-4 days. Concrete tile, a more heavy-duty material, requires more time to install and can take up to 10 days to complete.

If you’re paying out-of-pocket, the cost of replacing a roof in Austin varies based on the type of material and the size of the home in question. An average roof usually costs $9,000 – $17,000 to replace. However, a metal roof costs significantly more, $20,000 or more to replace. Our skilled roofing contractors are more than happy to provide an estimate and help you determine the best path for you and your home. If you have homeowners insurance, your out-of-pocket cost will depend on your policy, deductible and any upgrades. We work with every major insurance carrier, so we can help you navigate the claims process every step of the way.

What our customers are saying

Hear our customers rave about our residential and commercial roofing services in Austin. Contact us today to learn how we can meet and exceed your roofing needs.

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"We could not be happier with our experience with Apple Roofing Our contact person was Ethan W. and we cannot say enough good about him, his quickness to respond to questions, and genuine care about questions we had throughout our experience. All people working on our roof were fantastic and so incredibly kind, too! We had questions on roofing and gutter colors and Ethan went above and beyond to help get us answers and examples of colors to ensure we were happy with our selection. We have nothing but the utmost respect, trust, and confidence in Apple as well as with Ethan. He made the whole experience easy for us and we highly recommend this company!"
"We had to replace our roof due to the April hailstorm. Apple was very responsive and did a thorough, professional job. I am pleased with the results and they went out of their way to make sure the job was done right and to my satisfaction. Thanks Apple Roofing!"
"I highly recommend Apple Roofing. They do a fantastic job of explaining the process and keeping you updated. They do a professional job very quickly. Home repairs are usually high stress, but with Apple Roofing it goes smoothly and hassle free. They are local, trusted and insured."
"My experience was superfantastic!!! Chip M. and his team did an amazing job. Chip M. is the Best! My roof looks amazing! If you need the work done, he's the one. Apple did a fantabulous job. They get a 10 and 5 stars."
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