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Window Replacement

Is Your Home In Need Of A Window Replacement?

At Apple Roofing, we understand the value in energy-efficient windows. Not only do they keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, but state-of-the-art windows increase your home’s value.

Apple Roofing Inc. offers high quality grade window replacement at very competitive pricing. We offer energy efficient windows including double-glazed windows & more. Efficient windows will not leak energy and will certainly reduce your utility bills. Also, the built-in complex locking mechanism makes it harder to unlock from outside. Installing efficient windows is proven to be an excellent investment for any home. Modern windows are designed to allow for easier cleaning from the inside and outside. They are also designed to look beautiful, and we can always customize windows to fit your home.

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Top 5 Benefits To Energy Efficient Windows

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At Apple Roofing Inc., we understand the financial investment required to replace your home’s old windows and update them with brand-new, energy efficient ones. However, the benefits of the long-term investment will help increase your homes resale value and lower your energy bills.


Energy & Cost Savings

Not only does a window replacement save you money, but it also helps the environment.

Improve Your Home’s Comfort

New windows give you the satisfaction of preventing leaks in and out of your home.

More light

New windows will let more light into your home! Plus, it will help your home stay warmer in the winter.

Interior Preservation

If you have old windows, your home’s interior carpet, paint, furniture, artwork and more can fade. By switching over to energy efficient windows, you can reduce your home’s interior fading.

Tax Credit

A lot of states offer a 10% tax credit for installing new windows. Plus, a lot of cities and towns have incentives for moving towards a more energy efficient home.
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