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Boost the curb appeal of your home with a quality siding replacement.

New white siding on 2-story historical home

Siding Replacement

What better time to replace your house siding than when you’re installing a new roof? Apple Roofing is pleased to offer siding replacement as an add-on service to our roof replacement customers. Give your entire home a fresh, updated look by completing these two projects together.

You might be curious about cost.

We understand that roofing alone is a significant investment, and you might wonder if you can afford to do roofing and siding together. We offer competitive prices and simple financing that makes it easy to budget for the changes you want.

Add value, curb appeal, and protection to your home with our quality exterior remodeling solutions!

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Why should I get new siding?

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You might be asking yourself, “What even are the benefits of siding replacement and where can I find siding installers near me?” Well, we have the answers! When you enlist Apple Roofing help for siding installation, you’ll be able to repair hidden structural damage that you didn’t know was there, increase the energy efficiency of your home siding or business and improve your curb appeal.


Repair Hidden Damage

Sometimes damages done to the structure of your home siding or business can’t be seen until you remove the siding. For example, dry rot is a common problem that isn’t easy to detect right away but can be costly if you don’t catch it. Dry rot is caused by a fungus that feeds on wood, but by replacing your aging siding, you’ll be able to detect dry rot and other deterioration issues before they become too expensive to manage.


Curb Appeal

It’s not a competition, but who doesn’t want to have the best-looking home or business on the block? Our siding installation can help you achieve that. But beyond just improving the exterior beauty of your home, new siding can also increase the value of your home, which means more money in your hands in the long run. And as a business owner, new siding can result in happier employees and more satisfied customers.


Increase Energy Efficiency

Do you know the R-value of your home or business? A higher R-value means that your insulation is efficiently regulating heat inside your business and keeping your energy costs low. When you’re looking into commercial or residential siding installation, it’s also a great time to consider adding insulation.


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