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From the relentless heat of Florida summers to the occasional tropical storms that sweep through, Fort Myers faces its own set of extreme weather challenges. The scorching sun and high UV radiation during the summer months can take a toll on roofs, causing shingles to deteriorate, crack, and create potential leaks that can seep into the underlying roofing structure. Heavy rainfall during the rainy season may lead to hidden leaks and dislodged shingles, making it crucial to have a sturdy roof. Additionally, the occasional hurricane or severe storm with powerful winds can wreak havoc, tearing gutters from roofs and even causing significant damage to the roofs themselves.

At Saint Raphael Roofing, now in partnership with Apple Roofing, we understand the unique weather challenges that Fort Myers residents face, and our roofing experts are dedicated to ensuring that your home remains protected from the harshest elements Florida has to offer. This collaboration combines the expertise and resources of two trusted roofing companies to provide you with the highest quality roofing solutions, no matter the weather conditions.

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Saint Raphael Roofing is Apple Roofing's New Partner

On May 24, 2023, Fort Myers-based roofing contractor Saint Raphael Roofing entered into a partnership with Apple Roofing. With a strong presence in the roofing industry, Saint Raphael Roofing has been serving the Fort Myers community and beyond with exceptional roofing services. This partnership brings together the expertise and resources of Saint Raphael Roofing and Apple Roofing, enhancing our ability to provide top-notch roofing solutions to the residents of Fort Myers and the surrounding areas. To schedule an appointment with our new partners at Saint Raphael Roofing, please call the number below or conveniently schedule an inspection online.



Roof Replacement & Repair

Our experienced team will assist you in the selection of the best roof to accommodate your budget and residential home type.

Gutter Installation

Our team of skilled professionals is here to provide reliable and high-quality solutions for all your gutter requirements.


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As a homeowner in Fort Myers, it can be challenging to gauge whether your roof requires replacement or repairs. Our team of experienced roofing contractors in Fort Myers is here to help. We will thoroughly inspect your roof for any indicators of damage, including shingle curling, the presence of algae growth, damaged flashing, missing shingles or granules, shingle buckling, or signs of rot. Your peace of mind and the protection of your home are our top priorities.

The lifespan of a roof in Florida can vary depending on various factors, including the type of roofing material, the quality of installation, and the specific weather conditions in your area. However, on average, a well-maintained roof in Florida can last between 15 to 30 years. Regular inspections and maintenance can help extend the life of your roof. It’s essential to monitor your roof for signs of damage or wear and tear and address any issues promptly to avoid premature replacement.

In Fort Myers, Florida, the best time of year to replace a roof is typically during the dry season, which generally spans from late fall to early spring. This period usually starts around November and extends through April. During these months, Fort Myers experiences lower humidity and reduced chances of heavy rainfall, which are ideal conditions for roof replacement projects. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that Fort Myers can still experience occasional rain or storms during the dry season, so it’s crucial to plan your roof replacement around favorable weather conditions and consult with local roofing professionals for the most suitable timing.

Choosing the right roof material for Fort Myers, Florida, depends on factors like budget and aesthetics. Popular choices include asphalt shingles for affordability and versatility, metal roofing for durability and energy efficiency, and concrete or clay tiles for resilience and aesthetics. Slate roofing offers longevity and elegance, while TPO or PVC membranes are suitable for flat roofs. A local roofing professional can help you make the best choice based on your specific needs and the climate in Fort Myers.

The duration for replacing a roof in Florida varies based on factors like roof size, complexity, weather conditions, material availability, and the contractor’s schedule. On average, a typical roof replacement project in Florida may range from a few days to a week or more. Consulting with your chosen roofing contractor is crucial to obtaining a precise timeline, as they can consider specific project details, potential weather-related delays, and permit and inspection requirements to provide an accurate estimate for your roof replacement project’s duration.


Hear our customers rave about our residential and commercial roofing and gutter services in Fort Myers. Contact us today to learn how we can meet and exceed your roofing needs.

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4.3 Star Rating - 65 Reviews

"Highly Recommend!! The Saint Raphael team went above and beyond to assist us in recovering from Hurricane Ian. As soon as Sanibel was accessible, the Saint Raphael crew was on site helping to tarp the roof to protect the house from further water damage. We were so, so grateful for their effort to get the tarp on as flood water did not reach our living quarters. They were always gracious and helpful. Surely many of their employees also suffered major hurricane damage and yet they kept positive attitudes and got us scheduled as soon as was possible. We have a fabulous new roof and gutters now. Tim Adams was a big help with making selections for the replacement roof - he has a good eye!! Also incredibly patient as he helped me to understand all the material options. Cannot say enough! Thank you Saint Raphael."
- Barbie Pressly
"I had a leak at my house with all the recent storms lately. I expected noone to be available at least for 3 weeks. I received a call from Chris a repair manager and an email from Reese stating they will be at my property the next day! Wow! The crew showed up and found my leak and fixed it. I called Chris and asked if they can take a look at my gutters because of noise and backup. The crew reattached the gutters and even cleaned them out with no charge."
- Gar Gardner
"Highly recommend!! Saint Raphael tarped our damaged roof right after hurricane Ian hit, to prevent further damage or leaking. They replaced our tile roof with metal (terra cotta) and it looks fantastic!! Most importantly, the crew was so clean and professional. They made sure everything was cleaned up timely and properly, even protected the windows and driveway. Everyone, from the sales representative to the site manager, was extremely friendly and helpful in explaining the process and prices. Thank you so much for everything!"
- Stefanie T.
"I highly recommend this company. My well priced, new fabulous metal roof is courtesy of Saint Raphael and especially their sales agent Tim Adams who was very helpful, knowledgeable and professional. When there were a couple of small problems Tim responded immediately to a call or text and minor issues were fixed even the same day."​
- John Stubbing
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