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How Omaha residents can protect themselves from roofing scams

Communities recovering from severe weather tend to come together. Family, friends and even neighbors who may not have known each other before storms, tornados and other natural disasters impacted their homes reach out and help one another.

That’s what is happening now in communities across Nebraska and Iowa, particularly in communities northwest of Omaha, such as Elkhorn and Bennington. Those towns were in the path of a particularly large and powerful tornado.

However, as neighbors extend helping hands, others in the area claiming to do the same do not have honest intentions.

In the roofing business, we call these people and shadowy companies storm chasers. They follow severe weather, including hail, high winds and tornados, and promise to help those left dealing with the storm damage cleanup.

While some storm chasers are legitimate, many more do not have the correct licensing, will only complete the minimum repairs or can’t deliver on their promises. Others are straight scam artists. They will try to take your money and then head straight out of town.

You don’t have to fall for these fast-talkers’ tricks, though. The Better Business Bureau, which has accredited Apple Roofing and graded it an A+ roofing company, has several tips you can use to protect yourself from storm chasers’ roofing scams.

1. Call your insurance company

Some storm chasers will feed you false information about how your homeowner’s insurance policy works or how your provider handles wind and hail damage claims.

Before agreeing to anything – with any roofing company or contractor – contact your insurance company. Ask them about your policy coverage and how you should file claims. They control the roof repair or replacement approval process, after all.

2. Research companies and contractors

You should only work with roofing service providers you can trust. One way of verifying a company is reputable is by looking them up by name on BBB.org. There, you can see reviews and the Accredited Business Seal.

You can also look up registered businesses on your secretary of state’s website and ask friends and relatives for references.

3. Don’t let anyone pressure you into a sale

Storm chasers are known to offer good deals or do you a special “favor.” Don’t fall for this sales tactic.

Every reputable roofer understands that homeowners and their insurance companies will want to do their due diligence when selecting how repairs or replaces a roof. Anyone asking you to agree or sign anything on the spot is not operating ethically.

Do not let yourself feel rushed or accept offers that feel too good to be true. They probably are and could be roofing scams.

Visit BBB.org for more tips.

We’re here for you, Omaha

If your home has been damaged by the hail, strong winds or tornados that impacted the Omaha area, please know that we are here to help.

We’re also your neighbors, too. Apple Roofing has had a branch in Omaha for years. Our employees live and work here.

Get in touch if you would like to schedule a free inspection from a Better Business Bureau-accredited company that cares deeply for the same communities you do.

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