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New Year Start

At Apple, we believe in continuous self-improvement and growth. With the clean slate of the new year, we look forward to what this year has in store for each and every one of us – and you! As we settle into the third week of working toward our resolutions and goals for the new year – and potentially start to lose sight of why we set those goals in the first place – a little reflection on who we want to become can be just the reminder we need to stay on track. We’ve rounded up our favorite things to work on this time of year, and every time of year.

Be kinder. Always choose to be kinder than necessary, especially when you find yourself in situations where it would be so easy to be unkind.

Listen more. We all have two ears and one mouth and this is the proportion in which they should be used. Truly listen to what others around you have to say and you will find your relationships become deeper and more meaningful.

Make your own future. The best way to predict your future is to create it, and the most effective way to create your future is to put it on your calendar and set reminders.

Keep the big picture in mind. Focus less on what you want right now, and more on what you want most. Engage in value-driven behavior rather than the whims of the current moment.  If you do not know what is important to you, you will do the things that aren’t.

Create more than consume. Consume less social media. Consume less news. Consume fewer advertisements. Buy fewer unnecessary goods. Spend the time you would on consumption instead on creation. What might you create?

Spread positivity. Spreading bad news, gossip, drama, and generally unpleasant conversation does not make friends, money, or provide a dose of self-respect. Instead, be generous in the recognition you give others, optimistic when you experience set-backs, positive in your approach to each day. Make it your goal to make everyone better off after they have interacted with you.

Make the world a better place. Many New Year’s resolutions are self-focused. While striving to better ourselves is always a worthwhile endeavor, why not make this year’s resolution other-focused? How can you serve others this year? How will you give back? How are you going to make not only you – but the world – a better place?

Ask yourself bigger (and tougher) questions. What do you want to be remembered for? At the end of your life, what do you want to be thanked for? How can you use your talents, interests, and abilities to change the world – even if it is just one person’s world? What can you do with your time that is important? How are you going to make this year your best year?

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