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7 Questions to Ask Your Roofing Contractor in 2021

If you’re looking for the right questions to ask your roofing contractor in 2021 you’ve come to the right place.

Hail has been no stranger to southeast Nebraska this summer. If you have been in the areas affected, you most likely have seen plenty of roofing contractors in your neighborhood, and now need to make the decision on who to choose. There are many fly-by-night roofing contractors that appear from thin air when storms hit metropolitan areas, and choosing one of these contractors can cause many headaches in the future. We recommend evaluating roofing contractors with the following questions so you can feel confident and secure in your decision.

7 Questions To Ask Your Roofing Contractor

2 professional workers drilling down commercial roof; questions to ask your roofing contractor

1. Are you licensed in this state? 

If the state you are living in requires roofing contractors to be licensed, you want the answer to this question to be “yes.”

2. Do you have worker’s compensation insurance? 

Workers’ compensation protects the homeowner if the roofing company’s employees are injured on the job site. It is required by law that roofers have worker’s compensation, though some contractors will still skimp this requirement because insurance is expensive. Be sure that you are hiring a company that protects you from having to pay thousands in medical bills if an employee is injured on your property.

3. Do you have general liability insurance?  

Again, you want the answer to be yes. General liability insurance covers any damage that may occur to your property.

home roof replacement; questions to ask your roofing contractor

4. Do you tear off the old roof before putting a new one on? 

Some roofing contractors will save time by shingling over the old roof. This is not okay. If the old shingles are not taken off, you will not know if the decking underneath is rotting or if there are any soft spots that need attention. Covering these issues up with another layer of roofing material will not make the problems magically disappear. Make sure you get a ‘yes to this question, too.

5. What type of warranty do you offer? 

Get information about the shingle manufacturer warranty, as well as the workmanship warranty offered by the roofing contractor. These are two separate warranties, so ask about both and the length of each. Reputable contractors stand behind their work with written workmanship warranties.

contractor in a suit going over a contract with a couple; questions to ask your roofing contractor

6. What payment options are available? 

Ask what form of payment the roofing contractor accepts and the amount of the down payment that is required before work is started. Knowing the payment terms before you sign the contract is important to prevent headaches for both you and the contractor once payment is due.

7. What things may cause a deviation from the contracted price? 

Some situations may cause an increase in price. For example, after tearing off the roof, if the crew discovers multiple layers of shingles or extensive water damage that was not visible before the roof was torn off, this may increase the contract price. Beware of roofing scams; unfortunately, there are contractors looking to take advantage of you.

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