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Replacing Your Roof? Here’s How to Prepare

You have chosen your colors, signed the contract, and now you are patiently awaiting the start of your roofing project. Apple Roofing does all they can to make the roofing project as painless and smooth as possible. Yet, the nature of the project (literally lifting a roof off your home) is such that there is the possibility that damage may occur. Fortunately, if you take preventative measures and prepare adequately for your roofing project, you can minimize the chances of this happening.

Here’s what to expect and how to prepare:

  • Weather delays. If it’s raining, your job may be delayed, as the Apple Roofing crews need an adequate window of clear weather to work safely and effectively.
  • Trucks or garbage bins parked behind your garage. Park your car on the street so you don’t find yourself blocked in when you need to make it to an important appointment.
  • Potential oil leaks and pavement cracks. Very large trucks (weighing over 65,000 pounds) will deliver and drop-off your shingles in your drive way. These trucks can crack cement, and sometimes, these trucks may leave behind an oil spot. Apple representatives take before and after photos of your property to ensure that any damages are accounted for and you are taken care of. Please let your Apple representative know if you have any specific instructions regarding delivery prior to your materials being delivered.
  • Noise. It’s loud. There will be a number of people walking on your roof, tearing shingles off your roof, throwing shingles off your roof, and nailing shingles back on your roof. Naps won’t be easy on the day of your roofing project, and it might be hard to hear that TV show you’re trying to watch. If you have family members or pets that are sensitive to noise, we recommend finding another place you can all spend some time at throughout the day.Falling debris outside. Remove outdoor items that could be damaged by falling debris, such as patio furniture, potted plants, and grills.Falling debris in attics and garages. Debris can fall through spaces in roof decking. To ensure that it doesn’t damage or dirty any cars, motorcycles, boats, or other precious items being stored, remove these items prior to the job starting.
  • Significant vibration in the home. Remove any valuable and fragile items from shelves and walls, as vibration from the roofing project may cause these to slip and fall. The floor directly below the roof is the most susceptible to these vibrations.
  • Nails on the ground. Replacing your roof is a lot like getting your hair cut. When you get your hair cut, hair inevitably falls, so we wear a cape to catch it. When you lift a roof off your house, nails and debris will inevitably fall, but unfortunately, there isn’t a cape to catch it. Though we use a magnetic roller to pick-up any nails that fall, a few may remain hidden in grass or shrubbery. Cut your grass the day before roof removal so it is easier for the clean-up crew to visually identify stray nails/debris.
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