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How To Choose & Pair Your Roof Shingle Colors

Choosing a roofing shingle color

The days of cookie-cutter neighborhoods are over. No longer do you need to have a dark gray shingle roof like everyone else on the block. Instead, more and more people are flexing their creative muscles and doing more interesting color pairings between their home’s siding and the roof to boost curb appeal and the value of their homes. Plus, nowadays, there are so many more color options for shingles and roofing materials than in the past, so why not have some fun?

A gray roof is just going to fade into the background and make your home look flat unless it’s paired appropriately with your siding. Using more robust shingle colors, particularly matched with your siding colors, can compliment it so much more and make your home look even more inviting. 

Choosing the right color pairing is more important than ever, so we’re going to help! Between nice complementary colors and risky, bold choices, there is something for every style and aesthetic.

What Colors of Asphalt Shingles are Trending in 2021?

Asphalt shingles have grown to be the most popular roofing material used by homeowners in the United States. And because there is such a wide spectrum of colors available in asphalt, it makes more sense than ever to find an appealing color for your roof that matches your home’s siding, trim, and other exterior elements.

Some popular colors this year have been:

  • Dark and soft greens like moss and forest green.
  • Beige, tan, or off-white
  • Sandy and light brown hues
  • Light and dark blues

It’s recommended to use lighter tones on darker roofs like black or dark brown and vice versa — this way, they will contrast nicely without overwhelming each other. For example, a beige roof paired with dark brick red siding makes for a very striking contrast! 

With all those different options out there, why not try something new? Here are some current trends happening right now to consider.

  • Roofs with a mottled effect, such as slate roofing. This gives it a more natural appeal and less clean-cut like single-color shingles.
  • A roof that is “painted” black to look like wavy lines in the roof’s texture. This can give beautiful structure and a unique design to your home, making it stand out from the rest.
  • Using different colors of shingle material for just one section of your roof. For example, some parts could be green and other parts taupe or purple; this combination gives dimension and texture to your roof.

What are the Best Roof and Siding Color Combinations?

More than ever are people looking to match their siding with their roof and spending a lot more time deciding which color combination gives them the best aesthetic. Taking the time to figure out which color roof best suits your home’s siding and trim colors means you can have a more cohesive color palette and make it look like it was always meant to be that way. 

If you’re going to go this route, it’s crucial to make sure you don’t mix and match too many roofing or siding materials, to give a more even flow to the entire home.

A popular combo right now is a gray roof paired with brick red siding and black trim around windows and doors — very modern without being too boring! Another good choice would be a dark green roof paired with white siding; this gives off a sense of nature in the city with its own unique charm.

Here’s how to choose a roof shingle color based on your home’s siding.

how to choose roof shingle colors infographic

White Siding

We still believe that shingles with primary colors work best for contrast and curb appeal for a basic white house. As long as it’s a solid color like green, blue, red, and even black or dark gray, it’s going to look great with your white or off-white siding. This bold contrast wins every time. Throw in a bright red or blue door, and you have a look that will last for ages. Likewise, the clean farmhouse look with a bright, welcoming front door, some dark trim or shutters, and a bold roof makes for a beautiful, timeless aesthetic.

Beige Siding

Yes, beige is different from off-white. For homes with basic beige or light tan siding, go with a dark or light brown for the roof shingles. It creates contrast while not washing out the lighter-colored siding, plus it gives a timeless appeal that you can live with for decades to come.

Gray Siding

Light gray siding is a safe go-to for many homeowners or homebuilders. You’ll see it used on just about every modern home, both on the exterior and interior. There’s nothing wrong with that, but to make your home pop, consider a dark roof to go with your light gray siding. The subtlety of the gray can really support the look of a dark green or blue roof. Even a white or beige roof can give your home a very modern look when paired with gray.

Dark Blue Siding

I know we’re talking about roof colors here, but the dark blue siding color trend has been an absolute favorite in recent years. It’s so bold and striking, and from the outside, it gives the illusion your home was simply replaced with a brand new one. But we know that’s not the case. To really take advantage of the beautiful dark blue hue, a black or brown roof will give gorgeous contrast to an already dark color. In addition, utilizing lighter trim on the windows and doors, plus refreshed landscaping will really make the blue pop.

Red Siding

You really can’t go wrong with either a light or dark roof if your house is brick red. But most people prefer a darker shade like black, dark brown, dark green, or dark gray. So keep it simple, and let the bold red speak for itself.

Brown Siding

suburban home rbrown siding

Brown siding has a beautiful look when your house is surrounded by woods and trees. It’s such a natural aesthetic that the same should go for the roof colors. Anything natural like greens, mixed shades of blue, charcoal, or a light or dark shade of brown (different from the siding) can do wonders. It will look like the forest grew around your home, as if it was always there placed in nature.

Of course, these are all just suggestions based on trends we see in the industry right now and just personal taste. Keep in mind that times change, colors change, even your style will change. But these color combinations can help solidify a look for your home that works long after trends die off. So don’t go too off the beaten path with color choices, and you should be all set.

Tips for Getting Your Roof & Siding Combo Just Right

buyers choosing the right shingle colors for home

If you decide to use roof shingles in a bold color, it’s important to use the same roof for your entire home so everything flows together better. This means, if you have any side garages or dormer windows, use that everywhere.

If you choose a roofing material that isn’t asphalt, like metal or wood siding and roofing materials, be sure they’re from the same manufacturer if possible — this way, all of the colors will match nicely without looking out of place. 

Here are some tips to ensure you get the best look, perfect color combinations, and utilize textures to get a timeless roof you’ll fall in love with.

  • Choose roof shingle colors based on your home’s exterior trim & siding colors. Vice versa, if you’re re-doing your siding, utilize your roof’s colors to pick the best siding options.
  • Keep your roof design cohesive with other elements by using only one type of roof material per roof.
  • Consider changing up traditional ideas by going with a black or dark green roof.
  • Consider using lighter-toned siding on darker roofs and vice versa.
  • Also, try mottled effects such as slate (natural or synthetic).

The main thing to remember is that you get to choose what color you love best; after all, it’s your home. But creating balance and texture in your home’s exterior can do so much more than give you a home you’ll love. Choosing the right colors can boost curb appeal, increase value, and improve energy efficiency (dark roofs will absorb, and light colors will reflect UV rays). The right color combination can be the difference between a timeless home you love and one you’ll get bored with and re-do years later. Allow us to get you the home you deserve and replace your roof with the color that suits you. We will meet with you to go over your siding colors, the goals you want to achieve with your new roof, and we’ll help get you there. So get started with us today.

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